Our team at Flashcards Factory is passionate about creating effective learning tools for young children all over the world.

We believe that learning should be fun, intuitive and never a chore! That is why our products are designed to be lively, creative and versatile so children never feel bored when learning with our tools. Our unique multi-lingual flashcards are perfect for helping children understand an increasingly connected world. Learn English, Chinese and even Spanish all from the same cards! If you haven’t already heard, flashcards are great for stimulating right brain development in young children by activating photographic memory. By actively targeting the side of the brain which deals with intuition and imagery comprehension, information is unconsciously absorbed. This promotes strong memory retention, enhances learning capabilities and allows learning in a natural and rapid manner.

The benefits of using flashcards are well established with many prominent educators such as Professor Makoto Shichida and Professor Glenn Doman being strong advocates of learning through flashcards. Simple yet versatile, flashcards are the perfect way to learn and bond with your child in an interesting and fun way. Unleash your child’s potential and creativity now!


The Golden Rules of Early Learning

  • Critical Window of Opportunity between 3 months and 5 years
  • Learning must be FUN and should never be forced!
  • Babies love to learn through play
  • Start as early as possible

About Early Learning

Babies are born geniuses! A young child’s brain is like a sponge and can absorb just about anything you teach them. Parents and educators are the most important part of this process. We decide when, how and whether children benefit from their potential to learn. It only takes 15 minutes a day to make a positive and significant impact on your child’s development.

Start now!

Read more about Early Learning here

Right Brain Learning

Before a child turns four, the right hemisphere of the brain is more dominant than the left hemisphere. During this critical window of opportunity, a child is able to effortlessly learn and absorb large amounts of information at high speed. The right brain is more dominant for spatial abilities, recognition, visual imagery and music. By stimulating right brain development at an early age, we encourage the development of photographic memory, language skills and musical abilities.

Right brain educators such as Professor Glen Doman and Professor Makoto Shichida are strong advocates of accessing the abilities of the right brain to unlock the genius in every child.

Starting Early

Babies are linguistic geniuses and can easily learn several languages at the same time. The ability to hear different phonetic pronunciations is sharpest before a child turns 3 years old and children have a natural ability to acquire an instinctive feel for languages. By starting early, we help children tap on this natural ability to learn how to speak and read.

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